Creating a perfect logo can be a difficult task.

Not only do you need to worry about actually creating a symbol or design that is attractive and appealing to consumers or clients, but you also need to do so without infringing on the limited number of logotypes already out there!

Designing the perfect logo for your business is no easy task, but as long as you have the corporate awareness to understand what type of logo you need to create, you’ll do great.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind during the process.


Be Basic With Your Color Choices


If you’re just starting out with your first logo, keep it basic; no more than one common color that matches the tone of your company.

One of the biggest mistakes I see brands make is that they create a logo and then try and fit their business to that logo.

Instead, businesses should also try to create a logo around their business, and not the other way around.

For example, if you offer landscaping services, opt with a green color scheme so people can connect the the outdoors, earthy nature of your services with your name and logo. Or if you sell luxury goods of any kind, start with black and don’t look back.

Like many things in life, it’s best to start off with the basics, the fundamentals, before moving into unique variations.

There’s plenty of time to get creative with your logo and do things that go against the grain, but why not start off with something safe that you know won’t <i>hurt</i> your brand?

Oh, and steer clear of grey! Leave that one to Apple. 🙂


Make Sure You Match Whatever Your Logo Is To Your Brand


It’s not about creating a perfect logo. It’s about creating a perfect logo for your business!

Here at Baker Brook, we use a fairly rigid “BB” pattern with a solid line underneath for clarity. This helps us define ourselves as a no-nonsense brand marketing firm with a passion for sleek, yet simple design.

At least that’s what we want people to think!

When you create a logo, your first thought should be: “How do I communicate everything that’s special about my company, my values, my products, into a graphic and symbol? What does that look like?”

You can create a great-looking logo, but if it doesn’t help to improve an understanding of what you’re trying to do as a business, it may do more harm than good.


Any Symbolism You Use Is Critical To Your Logo’s Staying Power


Your logotype (brand name in graphic form) is unquestionably important, but if you use a symbol in addition to your brand name, this is what people will remember you by.

There’s a reason why successful apps force you to look at their logo for a short period of time before opening: they want it ingrained in your mind!

Symbolism is key with logo design, and it’s key because your consumer will take in whatever you are giving them briefly and then subconsciously recollect it over time. If your symbol doesn’t make any sense or doesn’t connect with your logo and brand as a whole, you may be missing out.

Remember, the goal of a symbol is to expedite the use of your brand name and logotype, and that a symbol by itself doesn’t really have much staying power.

Apple’s “apple” is a great symbol, but it’s a great symbol because Apple is a great brand!

So make sure whatever symbols you use are current, relevant, and assists in the understanding of what you do best.


It’s Just A Logo…Don’t Overthink It!


As important as your logo is, it’s just a logo. It won’t do anything more than help bolster your company and its products and/or services.

We’ve designed logos for several clients here at Baker Brook, but more often than not, these clients’ companies were quite successful.

If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or small business owner, there’s a lot better places to put your precious time other than logo development. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a logo to share with the world when launching your business, but it does mean that you should consider a significant time or financial investment in one to be not worthwhile until you’ve shown proof of concept for what you’re actually selling.

So long as your logo is not poorly done to the point that one <i>would question working with you or purchasing goods or services from you</i>, you’ll be perfectly fine launching a brand without a fully fleshed-out logo.


If you’re interested in taking your logo to the next level, contact us today! Our creative team can build the perfect logo for your brand. Until then, good luck with your business!

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